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How The Believer Should Approach Macaroni & Cheese

It’s hard not to like bacon.  Even finicky eaters like bacon.  If President-elect Trump really wants to make America great again, he can start by having a unity conference centered around bacon.

I’m certain a person cannot exhibit anger while eating a piece of thick slow cured smoky bacon.  It is a neurological impossibility…I think.

But in America, we are blessed in more ways than one regarding delicious bites.  We have multiple goodies.  There’s hot crispy fried chicken and juicy hamburgers.  We can’t get enough ooey gooey pizza.  We even have a restaurant dedicated to one thing, yummy macaroni & cheese. And I don’t even have to mention chocolate.  Gastronomically, we are in the promised land.

Spoiler AlertThe following words speak of the responsibility of eating healthy.  If you are in place where these words may spoil a scheduled delicious meal, please stop reading now and come back later.

The only issue we have with these delectable treats is that most of them are not good for our overall health.  So as a person responsible for the temple God gave me, what is one to do?

It’s been said we don’t live to eat, we eat to live.  Sounds like sage wisdom, but as Americans, we know that is not true.  We like good food, so we all want prudent wisdom surrounded around staying healthy that is inclusive of deep fried candy bars.

I think the word of God gives us a blueprint.  In many cases, God did not outlaw a thing but warned against it in excess.  He did this concerning wealth, wine, and rest.  Too much of each of these makes you a rich, alcoholic, sluggard.  King Solomon was the wisest king to ever rule over Israel, and he experimented with excess, and almost became suicidal.

Therefore, the key is balance and moderation.  I do cardio exercises, and some strength training in an attempt at healthy living.  But thank God there are times and places for the decadent. While I’m burning an extra 200 calories on the elliptical I’m also dreaming of my Saturday evening nachos.  So yes, we do have to execute the terrible d-word, discipline.  But remember while some days may be filled with healthy tribulations of salad and exercise, God always offers up hope.  The day of the waffle cheeseburger is coming.

Tim Lollis is Executive Director of Destiny Institute, community relations specialist, and freelance writer. See more articles at

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