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Many Pastors Are Not Feeding The People

The cowardice from pulpits is becoming unbearable.  I conducted my own investigative research regarding pastors engaging their congregations on current culture.  I figured the recent 2016 presidential election was so big every pastor would have to address it in some way. The presidential candidates from each major political party took center stage.  In fairness, it must be noted that pastors are barred from endorsing candidates.  My charge is not that pulpits should become more political, but rather address the cultural issues that fuel political thought.  My research was not to see if pastors endorsed a candidate or a party, but to see if they would relate the highly emotional issues of the day with biblical doctrine and a Christian worldview.

How could pastors not address the biblical position on human life, marriage, war, immigration, poverty, etc.?  My research was not George Barna quality, but here is what I did.

I searched the internet for churches with live streams or archived media of sermons.  I then listened to the sermon before the election and the sermon after the election.  I listened to about fifty sermons, from varying areas but mostly Texas pastors.

The results?  Only one pastor mentioned the election or those cultural hot buttons that people want to hear about (per a Barna Study)!  That means that almost every sermon I sampled would not touch these topics.  Most of the topics and series titles felt watered down.  “How to Love”, “Winning with God”, “Something is Funny with my Money”, etc.

People are rioting in the streets.  Civilians and police officers are being gunned down, children are being indoctrinated in schools, satan is promoted on television (literally), the name of Christ is being defamed, and Disney celebrates kissing boys, and a pastor preaches about “Getting Ready for Your Financial Blessing

Change must come from the people. Congregants are going to have to demand to be taught or find another church.  Seeing that most pastors are afraid to engage culture, people may have to form new churches.  First, make sure you encourage your pastor, not threaten him.  Let him know he is supported and loved.  This is not about emotions, but it is passionate.  Doctors have noted that it is imperative for people to eat green vegetables.  What if your favorite restaurant only serves creamed spinach, and green beans braised in bacon fat, you may have to find a place to eat.  Likewise, your spiritual diet is important.  It shapes your worldview, and equips you to stand strong, and have confidence during chaotic times.  If you are not getting the spiritual nourishment you need, you may have to find somewhere else to be fed.

Tim Lollis is Executive Director of Destiny Institute, community relations specialist, and freelance writer. See more articles at www.thecalled.net

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