“Patch” is a New Gender

Remember the good old days of 2010, when you could look at a person and identify gender?  You could walk out of the gym locker room and pass by another man and say “What’s up man”? When you could say “thank you ma’am” (at least here in Texas) to the lady at the DMV office, even if she seemed unhappy to be at work.

It appears those days are past us. is reporting that an Oregon County Court has granted a Portland resident’s request to be designated “genderless.” The 27-year-old video game designer has been granted the right to change his name to “Patch” only one name, and to be designated as “agender,” meaning no gender.

In studying history, even the debaucherously empires of Rome and Egypt never grappled with Transgender issues.  Rome was so perverse that it was common culture for the Emperor to have several boys (not men, boys and the younger the better) in his harem.  But still, a man was a man, no matter who he slept with.

What is most troubling about the so-called trans movement, is trying to understand their ultimate goal.  Practically speaking homosexuality is outside of God’s design for the family, and deemed sinful. However, their desired goal was comprehendible.  Homosexuals said they wanted to be able to marry and enjoy all the benefits of heterosexual life.  Fortunately for them, they won the day, and they now have all the things on their wish list.

But it appears codifying homosexuality was the beginning and not the end.  Employers across the United States are conducting trainings on how to refer to multiple self-designations.  “John want to be called “their” instead of “he”.  While Amy what to be called “us” instead of “she”.  Please do not refer to Amy as she or you may face disciplinary action”.  I’m not kidding, this is happening.  We should choose not to participate in the madness. No.  I will not participate.  John, is he, and Amy is she, and if that’s against the rules then I’m out of here.  What say you?

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