China Persecuting Christians

China Is Killing Christians

By Tim Lollis, The Called

Updated 7:08 AM CT, Tue August 23, 2016

Remember The Persecuted In China

On occasion, people like to invoke the memory of a past people or an event.  In doing so, we seek to kindle the fire of heritage and pride.  “Remember The Titans”, or a Texas staple “Remember The Alamo”.  In that spirit, the bible instructs us to remember those among us that are persecuted and suffering for the name of Jesus Christ, like those in China.

In America, it is easy to think the entire world is able to read the bible openly over lattes and pastries.  However, there are many places where fellow believers are being intimidated, murdered, threatened, or like the case of Chinese house church builder Hu Shigen, flung in jail. 

Shigan was arrested twelve months ago, and tossed in a “black jail” without legal representation.  He was allowed no visits, and given no information regarding his charges.  Eventually, Shigen was charged with promoting “A systematic ideology to subvert state power”.  In other words, he was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The Tianjin No. 2 Intermediate People’s court sentenced Shigen to seven and a half years in prison. 

China Aid President Bob Fu said in a statement on Friday (Aug. 5). “The international community should unequivocally condemn this total disregard of the rule of law and the Chinese government’s commitment to international human rights laws.”

Fu urges the U.S. government to intervene. “With next month’s G20 summit being held in China, we urge the United States to ask the Chinese government to immediately release those who were sentenced and those who are about to be tried in the next few days, including attorney Li Heping,” he said. “The Chinese regime should also immediately stop mistreating their family members, including their wives and children.”

We should not be ashamed that God blessed us to live in a land of freedom.  We should be asking the Lord, what is our responsibility to our persecuted brothers and sisters.  Please remember to pray for them, just as if you were praying for yourself.  But don’t stop there.  Write to your congressman, write a blog post, or write the person in jail.  Lastly, money alone cannot save the persecuted, but it sure helps. 

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