The Truth Behind Gun Control

“It is my number one priority, to remove guns off the streets”. This bland chorus is the song of many politicians, following a tragic shooting. It’s a smooth yet diabolical tactic. Parlay the grief of a family and nation into political gain; classy. Anyone with an opposing view is cast as a heartless medieval thinking barbarian. But like so many modern day political and social arguments, this message of simply taking guns off the street, ignores the long buried societal trait of common sense.

Let’s walk through a fictional, but all too common, journey of how an innocent gun ends up in the hands of a guilty criminal. In the spirit of balance, many argue that guns used to commit crimes are usually guns stolen from a registered owner. While that happens, those cases only constitute 10 to 15 percent of the crimes. Most illegal gun acquisitions probably happen from two different scenarios. First, one person (usually a dodgier member of society), pays another person to purchase a gun. Second, a legitimate arms merchants has dirty people within their ranks, who sell guns illegally on the side.

So what happens when a president (current or future) smiles at the camera and says, ‘we’ve done it. We have banned almost all firearms from the streets of America”? In an instant illegal gun sales become a powerful and lucrative underground crime market. We’ve seen this movie before, when alcohol was banned during prohibition.

The point is this, taking legal weapons off the streets would be a conversation worth having, if it removed the guns from the reach of the criminal minded. Murders and violent crime rates won’t go down. That number will probably increase due to the underground market. If it does not, and it doesn’t, then why remove guns from good standing citizens, who contribute to society, and allow the law breaking person to remain armed to inflict pain on us all?


This article is part of The Common Sense series.


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