Boston mobster

God Speaks To Gangster

By Tim Lollis, The Called

Updated 7:59 AM CT, Fri August 26, 2016

Robert Luisi Jr., was always a hard worker.  He got his first job at age twelve in the early 1970’s.  But while most boys in Boston neighborhoods were trying to earn money working at grocery stores or mowing lawns, Luisi began working for the Patriarca crime family.  He was a runner, collecting coins from illegal slot machines. He had a god and its name was money.

By his mid-thirties, Luisi had built a cocaine distribution juggernaut.  Luisi says “I just started coming up and building up my cocaine business…by 1995 I was already a millionaire.

But today Luisi is a new man, literally.  His new name is Alonso Esposito, and he is a minister of the gospel.  Living on his small ranch in Cordova, Tennessee, just outside Memphis.  The man who used to earn $40,000 per week, is happy to just serve the Lord.

So what transpired that would stir a hardened gangster, responsible for at least six murders, to do a complete 360 on his life?  First, he was sentenced to 188 months in prison, but then Luisi says something miraculous happened.  He says the Lord came to him in a vision and spoke to him on in transit to prison, which led to his decision to live for God.

“So that night I went from a die-hard gangster, murderer, drug dealer, extortionist, anything that you could think of, to accepting Christ.”

The one-time criminal said he recognizes that some may doubt his conversion, but he vows it’s authentic.

“That old me is dead. I love being Alonso Esposito. Bobby Luisi’s dead and buried. The blood of Christ washed the blood off my hands.”

This is just one more example that God has not changed.  He is still transforming lives.  What a gift God’s grace is to us all.  Even a onetime mobster can stand before him washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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