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Christians Leave Behind Evidence

By Tim Lollis, The Called

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I remember watching an episode of “Columbo”, one of my favorite detective shows of all time.  Columbo was investigating a crime as usual, and as usual he was beginning to annoy his suspect.  The suspect finally became so aggravated that he turned to Columbo and screamed, “Why do you keep hanging around here.  I am a very powerful man, and if you don’t stop harassing me, I’ll make some calls and have you fired”!  Columbo was unmoved by the outburst.  Holding his hands slightly in the air, he said “Sir, I have to go where the evidence takes me”. 

It is an element of nature.  Every action of a living creature has some degree of motive, and a trail of evidence from that action.

It reminds me of a recent Barna survey poll I read, which states that only 9% of people professing to be Christian in the United States maintain a biblical worldview.  Yet nearly 80% of the population professes to be Christian.  While many are debating the disparity between those numbers, I believe the answer lies in the evidence.

I could profess to be a short Italian man with thick curly hair.  But my height, dark skin, and bald head suggest differently.  There is no evidence to support my statement.  Likewise, we have millions of people professing to be Christians, but does the evidence of their lives reflect that?

First, to be Christian means one is recognizing his/her sinful nature. Subsequently, he/she accepts the gift of salvation to walk in oneness with Jesus Christ, with the imbedded power of the Holy Spirit.  This is the very crucible of being a follower of Christ.  We are still flawed, and imperfect, but we yield to God’s word, and his Spirit as a blueprint for life.

Individually each representative of Christianity must question if he/she illustrates the evidence of God in daily life.  While there are many devoted saints out there doing tremendous godly work, collectively we are wanting.  Statistics highlight that most Christian college students drink, party, and have sex, just as their unsaved counterparts.  In fact, most young adults stop going to church as soon as they leave home.  We rarely stand up against a culture that is becoming more wicked by the day.  We accept blasphemous indictments against our Christ, and allow the government to tell us that a little boy is really a girl.

So the next time someone asks are you a Christian, check your evidence locker.  Though you may fall short, check to see if you are progressively trying to mimic Christ in every facet of your life.  Check to see if you are submitting your will, desires, finances, pride, self-esteem, and emotions to God.  Because if you are, and you are accepting the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, then the people around you already suspect you are a follower of Jesus Christ, because you are leaving a trail of evidence leading straight to God’s kingdom.

Tim Lollis is Executive Director of Destiny Institute, community relations specialist, and freelance writer. See more articles at www.thecalled.net

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