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Why People Ignore Christians

It seems the Christian faith is buckling from the pressures and carnal desires of the outside world, and to a great degree, this is a reality.  With this, comes a myriad of Theological thought on how we got here.  How could the faith that has to strengthen to men and women to stand boldly before emperors, endure crucifixions, and face the mouths of lions, become too placid?

The truth is this, the name of Jesus Christ still holds the same power it always has.  His power is without contestation; however, the followers are riddled with compromise.  But the falling away we are witnessing today began with a sundry of small compromises.  

As a body, we have failed to inject the nature and character of Christ into every moving part of our lives.  Often, we will fall short, but the reward is in the progress not the perfection.  Not long ago, I was driving down a 35 mile an hour street.  A beat-up Honda shot past me going about 80 miles an hour (I’m not exaggerating), almost striking some pedestrians walking across the street. I thought perhaps the driver had an emergency, until I saw him skid into a grocery store parking lot.  He got out the car walking casually, and whistling.  Did I respond with the character of Christ?  Nope.  I called him a stupid idiot, with extra thoughts of hoping he get snagged with a $300 speeding ticket mixed in.  I did eventually feel convicted, and asked God to forgive me, and prayed for the speeding idiot, correction the speeding man. 

The point is, we are not going to ever be perfect, and God knows that.  But by making the attempt, we are always cognizant of him and in his presence.  Without that presence, we rationalize our actions, which ultimately leads to compromise.  These snowflakes of compromise have led to an avalanche of outright apostasy.  No wonder we have political infighting, unrestrained anger, and lack of understanding for one another.  We are called to show kindness to unkind people, keeping our promises to friends and family, showing compassion, and giving people the benefit of the doubt. 

I read where someone asked, how do Christians get their mojo back?  My answer is simple if by mojo you mean power, and authority, then we never lost it, because we never had it.  Our power rest in tapping into the power of God, and in turn him imbuing power through us, so the world can behold his glory.  But none of this works if we don’t stand fast, and plug into the power God in all matters.  There is a new supersonic 1600 watt hair dryer on the market.  It is the most powerful hair dryer ever made.   But it’s dead weight if it is not plugged into an electrical socket.  I encourage the people of God, recommit to being Christ-like in the daily small things, and watch the big things come back to full power.    

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